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There is no “I” in team but there is in science! Inga and Monica knew exactly the type of hemp infused drink they wanted to produce but needed help to bring it to life. Creating the perfect mocktail requires more than a vision, it requires a Food Scientist. When the time arrived for formulation, they were fortunate to be connected with a Black female Food Scientist, Patrice Newsome. She worked with them tirelessly for almost a year to curate the perfect mocktail. The combination of this Black Girl team is Magic! Enjoy.


Patrice Newsome is a Food Scientist and Beverage Consultant. Patrice specializes in all beverage types. She enjoys helping companies bring ideas to life, in drinkable form. Patrice has an intense passion for innovation and better for you beverage concepts. Working with innovation ingredients is where she shines. With more than 5 years experience in the consumer packaged goods industry, Patrice is committed to putting quality products on store shelves nationwide. “Formulating CBD mocktails with the MEDASE team was an intriguing challenge. The mocktail space, like CBD is still new to consumers and scientist – getting the formula right isn’t the easiest but it is fun! So glad to have contributed to this product.”


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